Friday, August 9, 2013

day of shooting

Our family has taken up a new hobby...It is shooting...

 The guys are readjusting the shooter.
We sure do love doing this... It is such a fun family activity!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A day of fishing...

 This was our first catch of the day.
 Candice trying

Sitting down on the job!!!
Its a small one but Grandpa will like it fired up in a pan.
Laying down on the job.  Man is this rock comfy!!!

It was such a great day fishing with my daughter and my niece.  We fished for a few hours and then had a great picnic along the river.  Me I just enjoy visiting, shooting photos, the chatter with cousins and the great outdoors.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hog wrestling...yes Alex's team won!!!!

The Home grown hog wrestlers on the fence watching to see how the evening will go.
Are we ready for this?!?!?!
The Calcutta auction.  
Ok Girls lets get in there and show them how its done!
And they're off!!

Ok we got this critter now lets get it to the can.
Wow this thing weighs for than we thought!!!

Come on Homegrowns we can do it!!

Up and in.
Yahoo were in...
WHAT... He had to be in bottom first instead of Head first...
OK tip the barrel down and lets get him back in...
Now shove him in QUICK...
Oh YEAH... That's us homegrown girls... 33 seconds and put in twice...

Were so good...

We are so glorious lookin us homegrown girls... What we stink no way...
We are the CHAMPIONS...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hog Wrestling...Alex's story

Well the fair has come and gone this year.  Other years we have had horse showed, had fat lambs, did wild west horseshow,  but this year two great thing happened.  Alex entered the Hog Wrestling contest with some friends and Lorraine and her friend from England entered the wild west horse show then they recruited Alex and my Brother Dan.  What a great week!!!

So here is what happened!!!  Alex's good friend called and said they needed her to complete their four man team.  Of course she said sure.  So on the night we didn't know any details.  But there was a thing called a callcutta.  We were clueless but quickly realized that each team was auctioned off  to the highest bidder.  20% of the funds were to go to Breast Cancer Society.  Alex quick came and told us don't bid on us.  We agreed.  Then it was their turn to be auctioned.  The bidding started at $200.00.  No one bid they went down to $100.00 then 75.00 then 50.00 then 40.00 then 30.00 then 25.00.  Finally without us knowing Uncle Dad bid at the $25.00.  I felt sorry for the girls so I bid next at 35.00.  My brother dropped out and i won the bid.  I thought great I'm gambling.  Well the object of the thing is that you have 1 minute to catch a pig and stuff it bottom first into a barrel then raise you hands when you done.  The evening was pretty funny. The age groups were little kids under 6, up to 10, then up to 18,  then a woman's group and a men's group.
They get in a  pen that is full of water and mud and probably hog poop and try and catch this pig.

Now you will have to wait until tomorrow for me to post the pictures.  I bet you can hardly wait!!!

By the way they won.  We then won $315.00 divided it up and give it to the girls because they are all going to University right now.  So every little bit help.  So I decided we were really gambling we were contributing to a University Fund Raiser!!!!!

See you tomorrow!! sneak preview

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It has been a fun summer but the best part is...

Having my constant companion with me all summer and watching what he does...

 Right next to my house my cousins have some horses.  Rooster has taken the weight of herding them upon his shoulders this summer.
 He loves this horse.  They usually play chase up and down the fence, but on this day the horses was being lazy.
 He never bites at their hooves just annoys them enough that they usually move.
 On this day the friendly horse decided to play.
 I wondered if they were talking to each other trying to decide who won the game.
 Rooster saw one of his bestest  Brayden and tore off through the field to go to him.
 My Aunt and Uncle had a friend and of course Rooster had to train her how to throw sticks in the wild.
 We stopped at a beautiful lake on our move, rooster was really nervous about getting into the lake.  Only with Steve dragging him did he go in this far.  Other dogs were jumping in and swimming around.  Not our Rooster.
 This is the best part of the whole summer with Rooster.  This little girl has been so scared of dogs.  In fact last year she wouldnt come out of her grandparents house because of Rooster.  But this summer Rooster loved up to her by getting her involved in throwing a ball to him.  As I stood and watched it was amazing. Rooster loved her enough that her fear of dogs disappeared.  It was so fun to watch.

This part was so fun to watch he allowed Layton to show him how to chase cows through Laytons instructions.  Not sure who had more fun or who learned more!!  Rooster is the black thing running behind the cow that has its tail in the air!!

He is in one of his favorite positions.  On the back of my four wheeler in his very comfortable seat.  He is such a huge part of my life and anyone else's who comes along.  I or should I say we all Love Rooster!!!